Fearless Leadership Mastermind

Ladies, I am over the moon excited to announce F Revolution’s very first


Fearless Leadership Mastermind!

Are you ready to be connected with like-minded women who actually want to see you win?

I thought so.

This is an exclusive opportunity for F Rev Sisters only.

For women who:

  • kicking ass and taking names and aren’t content with a mediocre life.
  • want to climb the management ladder but aren’t sure of the next step
  • want to enhance their leadership skills with genuine feedback from women who have been there
  • are ready to get back into the workforce, have an impact and make a meaningful difference


Sounds exciting, right?

Yes Carrie, this sounds pretty exciting but what exactly is a Mastermind alliance?

Fearless Leadership Mastermind is a woman – to – woman mentoring program, facilitated by yours truly, used to help members solve their leadership or career problems with advice and hard crunchy solutions from the other women in the group – women who have been where you want to go and experienced what you want to do.

All of this in a supportive sisterhood environment… its like the icing on the cake.



This is awkward for me.  I hate talking about money but I’m getting better at it. This is probably the worst “sales page” you’ve ever read .  But yes, there is a cost for all the greatness, knowledge-sharing and energy involved.  I looked around at other masterminds and understand I could totally charge A LOT more here but my intention is to offer YOU something of superior value that will REALLY make a difference in your lives (and mine!)

This opportunity will be of real use to you without breaking the bank.  I’m going to offer this to YOU at $30 USD per month. WOW! I know, right?! Less than a cup of coffee a day.

I’m totally IN

What YOU receive for $30

  • Weekly virtual live masterminding sessions (1hr) with other F Rev sisters in the group, facilitated by Carrie.
  • Monthly Q & A online with Carrie on the 3rd Wednesday of every month
  • An Accountability Partner (many women tell me this is the most helpful aspect!)
  • 24hr access to the exclusive Fearless Leadership Mastermind Facebook group to post questions or problems you are working on and get real solutions to problems you can use at work tomorrow
  • Lift a sister up – put your expertise to work by offering advice or a solution to someone’s struggle that you have been through
  • A weekly opportunity to promote yourself or your business online
  • Guest expert trainings
  • The opportunity to be part of an amazing group of women who are changing the world!

I want IN

Who is this NOT for

I want to make this mastermind group as successful as possible and make sure everyone in it receives as much value as possible.  For that reason each of the members are screened by me personally, and any members who are negative or unsupportive will be asked to leave.  (well more like thrown out, but you get the idea)

I want real women who are here to work on themselves, on their dreams and on their leadership goals, and to support our other sisters who are here for the same reasons.

This is not for women who:

X             are just dipping their toes in and not sure if they are ready to make changes

X             are only interested in promoting themselves and not contributing to the success of the other sisters

X             sign up but never contribute.  We want to hear you ladies!

X             not a self starter, need hand holding


There’s nothing wrong with not being ready yet ladies!  It takes time to be in this position.  If this sounds amazing but you’re not quite ready, we have a FB group and newsletter to help you out.

If you need extra motivation and guidance and support, there is one on one mentoring available for that.

The Fearless Leadership Mastermind is for women who have the spark and are ready to unleash their inner leader!

I’m totally IN

If you have read this far, thank you!  I’m really proud to be a part of such an amazing group of sisters and love helping you grow!  Whether you join the mastermind alliance or not, I so appreciate you being part of the F Revolution!