One of the things we do differently here at F Revolution is fierce service. Like, expensive spa service that you ask for as a Christmas present because you don’t dare buy it yourself.  That kind of elegant, sophisticated, fabulous service.

So go ahead. Reach out. What can I help you with?

and btw, I read every email. Every one.

I’m not saying my associates don’t work like dogs printing them off and stacking them beside my desk for me, streamlined and ready to go. Heck yeah they do! But if you write to Carrie, you get Carrie. We’re revolutionizing the way women help each other.

Join us on our Facebook page where we created a community that women can post management and leadership questions and get ideas and advice from women in the F REV community.  Carrie regularly jumps on Facebook for live Q & A. That’s right, Yours Truly is there in real life answering your questions or just chatting.  

Congratulations… you found your tribe!