Start Finding These Now: Two Things Every Woman Leader Needs


I was shocked when I recently read an article in Forbes Women that said that two thirds of women CEO’s (that’s 67% for the fractionally impaired) said they only realized they could become a CEO once someone else told them.  This blew my mind because I always assumed women CEO’s were these strong, ambitious women who had no fear…you know, leaders who had no fear and kicked butt until they got what they wanted.  Now, don’t get me wrong, at one point in my life, I was one of these women who didn’t think she could ever be the CEO of an organization, but I had no idea that so many other women felt this way!

So, I keep reading on, all while my mind was still digesting that first shocking fact….and they hit me with another one:  Confidence shows up differently in women.  Women don’t assume that they alone have what it takes to go the distance, we consistently underestimate ourselves.   

I couldn’t help but think of Sheryl Sandberg’s video from last week’s Fierce Friday.  Remember, she talked about the…SAME…DARN…THING!!!   Do you see a theme here???!!

These shocking facts (did I mention I find them shocking?) told me aspiring fearless female leaders need 2 things right away:

  1. A mentor:  Everyone knows that mentors are very helpful but I didn’t realize until now that ALL women leaders need a mentor.  Following the advice of a mentor who has been on the same journey with lots of success (and challenges), will only give you more confidence to keep going.  To see and hear about how they’ve made it is only the golden goose!
  1. Cheer Squad: Your biggest cheerleaders can give you confidence in ways mentors can’t.  Most mentors aren’t around us daily, and tend to be career focused only.  Cheerleaders are supportive of all your life’s successes.  Get some best friends that are motivated, positive and supportive.  I always wanted this, now I realize personal cheerleaders are mandatory for success.

And it goes without saying, be a cheerleader too.  Celebrate your friends’ successes and encourage their dreams.  I’m not talking about fake cheering, I mean honest authentic love and support.

When women help other women succeed, WE ALL WIN!!


Carrie xo