Cold Dark Mornings

It’s that time of year when jumping out of a warm, cozy bed and hitting the ground running becomes a struggle… even for fearless and fabulous female leaders.  Waking up ready to tackle the world gets replaced by a few more hits of the snooze button and just a few more cuddles with your warm, cozy blankets (or whatever or whoever you choose to cuddle with 😉

But that’s not all.  Those damn early evenings gang up on too.  I can’t wait to get home from work so I can hit the couch and chill with some good ol’ tv.  The annual struggle is real sisters and we need to recognize when this starts to happen and stop it dead in its’ ugly bitch face tracks!  Hibernation is not an option for fierce, fabulous females.  It’s for dead beats who accomplish jack shit, so here’s some tips on how to get your butt out of bed, even in the darkest, coldest mornings:

  1. Meal prep for a few days: Make your lunch the night before, prepare dinners in advance (I try to prep Sunday nights for a few dinners for the week ahead).   You can even have your breakfast ready to go the night before by setting the timer on the coffee maker or the bread maker (my girls love to set up our bread maker).  Seriously, there are few smells in this world that will drag you out of bed faster than fresh coffee or fresh bread.
  2. Choose what you want to wear the night before: This will give you some guilt-free duvet time in the morning.  Even better, lay your clothes on a radiator.  Who wouldn’t want the bonus of warm cozy clothes on a cold morning?
  3. Create an earlier bedtime routine: Try to go to bed at least an hour earlier then you typically would.  Even if you’re going to bed to read or watch television, psychologically its easier to get a few things done after supper or play with the kids instead of sitting around on the couch, when you know your going to bed in a couple of hours anyway.  And hey, you’re getting the added bonus of extra bed time!  Mmmm…. sweet, sweet bed.
  4. Don’t give up what makes you happy: whether if’s a workout routine, reading, girls nights out, walking, community events…don’t stop doing these just because it’s cold and dark and your couch is calling your name.  Don’t get into a rut.  True story, I was talking to a friend about going out for a girls night and she asked what time.  “7:30” I told her.  “That late?” was her comment.  Lol!  I shit you not.  Don’t get sucked into that rut!
  5. Embrace the blankets on days that your life will allow it: Recharge and refresh under that duvet and enjoy every minute of it.  Work hard, and then play (sleep?) hard.  You’ve earned it

Ladies, you can have it all!  A little extra sleepy warmth under the blankets with some prep and planning, but will also get you out of bed in enough time for a productive morning and ready to tackle the world in your fearlessly fabulously ways!!