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F Revolution is a community of women looking to grow their leadership skills, unleash their own powerful selves, and kick butt in life!

Our focus is providing women with leadership resources and legit solutions to help you take the next steps on the path to becoming a fearless, fabulous, female leader:

* Private Facebook group where you can post leadership & management questions and get answers from Carrie and your fellow F Rev sisters who have been where you are, and can share what worked for them, and what didn’t

* Learn the leadership skills to move your career along, regardless of your education

* Unleash your best self, and feel comfortable and powerful, leading in your own fabulous female way

* Weekly-ish updates with latest leadership updates, tips and solutions; success stories, and of course a little motivation to remind you to keep it up, the world needs you!

* Workshops, seminars and adventures. And wine. Hey, if you can’t have a little fun while you learn, why bother, right? F Revolution has re-written the book on in-person learning, you won’t want to miss our events!